Saturday, 31 August 2013

cover w/very special guest

My special guest is Dillon (or "Dilly", as I call him). Dillon was a guitar student of mine for many years when I lived and taught in SK. Though we've kept in touch, we haven't actually seen each other since June of 2005. Dillon visited me in TO while he was on holiday and had the idea that we make a video to reprise our years of making music together.

The video is here:

And it was only take 3...not 42! :-)

Saturday, 24 August 2013


The gig on the 17th with Andy Griffiths went very well. I was a total wreck all day until we got to the venue. Hands started shaking at 9am, stomach would not stop flip flopping. It was awful. Once I was able to survey my surroundings, I calmed down quite a bit. Having my sister and husband there to entertain/distract me helped too.

Another good distraction was making friends with the lovely and talented Harpin' Norm who just happened to be sharing the banquette with me. He was full of advice, stories and anecdotes to help me work through my stagefright. He was a huge help. I had no idea who he was, aside from the chatty gent sitting next to me, and then he asked if he could play harmonica with me on Knockin' On Heaven's Door. Andy and I both said yes (he's played with Andy lots before) so he did. I was blown away. What talent! And so encouraging and lovely. I'm happy to know him.

The first set went great. It was so much fun to look into the audience and see my sister's giant blue eyes staring at me, big smile, two thumbs up, dancing in her seat. I screwed up the first line of the song because I broke my own rule of never making eye contact with audience members but I just smiled and continued on. No biggie. I sang lead on "Yer So Bad" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and then did harmony vocals on "Throw Your Arms Around Me". There were some brief but wonderful moments when I felt like "hell yes, I'm doing this! I was born to do this!" Those felt nice especially in contrast to the "ohmygodwhatamidoingthisisterrifying" feelings I had too!

At the end of the set Sean reminded me to "always remember how you feel right now." So I sat there and was totally mindful of how I felt. I was happy, at ease, a little euphoric. My body felt relaxed and warm. No stomach ache, no shaking hands. Totally at ease. I felt really good. Despite that, when set 2 began I got extremely anxious all over again. By that time, a few more friends had shown up (it's always easier singing for strangers) but I did my best to pretend I was fine.

I sang "Cuts You Up" and when I finished a guy at the bar screamed "GOD, YES!" It was great. ha! We then did "Better Be Home Soon" which didn't go super well. I wasn't used to Andy's phrasing so my harmonies all went to hell. Whatever. I lived. No one threw rotten tomatoes at me. It was fine. Later we did an impromptu version of "Free Fallin'" for which I could not remember the backing vocals but it all worked out in the end. Not bad for on the spot at the end of the night, I guess.

Overall it was wonderful. Great having my people there, wonderful reception from the audience, a great experience all around. I left there trying to figure out how to make it happen again soon! It was just what I needed.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

almost famous (haha)

This is me singing last week with Tin Roof Rusted. I'm so grateful for the experience.

Last night I walked into a bar to see a friend's band play and two women ran up to me and said, "Oh, YOU'RE here! Please tell us you're singing tonight!"

I had no idea who they were so I automatically assumed they had me mistaken for someone else. They explained, however, that they heard me sing with the guys the other night and were hoping for more. Too cute.